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Rose Petal Cream Recipe

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Luxurious cream for a pampered queen


Petals from 1 dozen red roses
24 oz (3 cups) distilled water
2 oz beeswax
2 oz kukui nut oil
2 oz monoi de tahiti
4 oz virgin coconut oil
4 oz fractionated coconut oil
2 oz grapeseed oil
2 oz meadowfoam seed oil
3 oz jojoba oil
1 oz jojoba MP56
5 oz emulsifying wax
2 tbsp xanthum gum
2oz colloidal oatmeal
1/2 oz glycerin
3ml rosemary oil extract
6ml grapefruit seed extract
2 tbsp Germaben II
3ml vitamin E
a couple drops of rose fragrance if desired


Boil the rose petals in 24oz of distilled water. Use disposable rubber gloves (when cooled to touch) and squeeze all the water out of them. Then strain the water into a bowl, cover and set aside.
In a double boiler put the beeswax, kukui nut oil, monoi de tahiti, coconut oils, grapeseed, meadowfoam, jojoba, and emulsifying wax and melt on low, stirring and keeping an eye on it. Next mix the xanthum gum, colloidal oatmeal, and glycerin and add it to the rose water. Use a stick blender to whip it into a gel consistancy.
Once the oils/waxes are melted let cool slightly (5 min.) off the heat... you can slowly add it to the rose water with the stick blender. Add ROE, grapefruit seed extract, Germaben, and Vitamin E. (these are important because the nature of the roses) You can also add a touch of pink color if you'd like.

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