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Historic use and modern research have both shown that oat and oat derived products have exceptional dermatological benefits when used for various skin conditions. They relieve skin irritations, itching and redness due to allergy, wind exposure, and other causes. They have excellent emollient properties. They are good for individuals with sensitive skin and are recommended for use with both infant and geriatric skin care. Oat derived products are available in many different forms with varying contents of protein, starch, beta glucan and lipids for use in various type formulations.

Colloidal Oat Flour, Fine, USP
Grain Products: Colloidal Oat Flour, Fine, USP
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Organic Whole Oat Flour
Organic Grain Products: Whole Oat Flour


Fine Grain Rice Bran Powder
Grain Products: Rice Bran Powder, Fine Grain
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Rice Powder, Fine
Grain Products: Rice Powder, Fine

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