Commercial products are typically loaded with preservatives to allow them to remain fresh during the long span between the time of manufacture and the time the customer finishes using it. Although the preservatives do extend the longevity of the products and help keep them free from bacteria, the preservatives can be irritating and can contribute to health problems in certain individuals.

One of the many advantages to handcrafting your own natural products is that you can eliminate these harmful preservatives and choose to use up your products quickly. Alternatively, you can adapt more natural methods of preserving and using your products.

For more information about using preservatives, please refer to our Library article entitled Using Preservatives to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Products.

When manufacturing products for retail however, you must ensure that your products are properly preserved and will not pose health risks to your customers. This generally means that you will need to use conventional preservatives commonly found in cosmetics such as Germaben and other paraben based preservative systems.

The usage rates shown for preservatives are intended to be used as a guideline. Using the recommended level of preservative does NOT mean that your product will be properly preserved. The only way to determine the shelf life of your product and to confirm that your product is adequately preserved is to have your product tested. For additional information regarding challenge testing, please visit our Product Challenge Testing article located within our Information Library.



Preservative Finder

Check the relevant boxes to search for suitable preservatives for your product formulation:

Does your Formulation Contain Any of These Ingredients?:
Each of the following ingredients require special attention when selecting preservatives. Place a checkmark next to those ingredients that are contained within your personal care product formulation:
Aloe Vera Gel
Fragile Lipids (Vegetable Oils and Butters With a Short Shelf Life)
Fresh Fruit
What Type of Preservative Do You Prefer?:
Check one or both of the following choices depending on your preferences:
Antioxidant (Protects Vegetable Oils and Butters From Rancidity)
Natural Only
What Type of Personal Care Product Are You Making?:
Checkmark those products that you are planning to formulate. Selecting too many differing product types may drastically limit your choice of preservatives.
Balm (Contains Oil, Does Not Contain Water)
Body/Massage/Bath Oil (Contains Oil, Does Not Contain Water)
Cream (Contains Oil and Water)
Lotion (Contains Oil and Water)
Mask (Contains Water, Does Not Contain Oil)
Other Oil and Water Products
Other Oil Based Products
Other Water Based Products
Scrub (Contains Oil, Does Not Contain Water)
Toner (Contains Water, Does Not Contain Oil)
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"I just had to write you and tell you that your company is top notch! I inadvertently used the wrong zip code when I ordered my products. however, you caught the error and delivered it to the correct location. I cannot tell you how grateful I am, because I really needed these products today. This is my first order from FNWL. Your packaging is superb. Nothing is leaking or torn and no product is wasted (which is something that I cannot say about all suppliers). I will be placing another order next week, and just wanted you to know that I appreciate a great business supplier that will take the time to ensure quality to their customers. Thank you!!!!"
- Phyllis Gaston | Gaston Therapeutics | Smyrna, GA

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