What are the Differences Between From Nature With Love and Praan Naturals?

Both From Nature With Love (FromNatureWithLove.com) and Praan Naturals (PraanNaturals.com) are registered trademarks of Natural Sourcing, LLC.

Through both entities, Natural Sourcing serves as a B2B supplier of premium quality bulk natural ingredients to professional artisans, wellness practitioners and manufacturers who create wellness, cosmetic, spa, soapmaking and personal care products.

Natural Sourcing's range of organic ingredients is certified by COOF.

With some exceptions, both From Nature With Love and Praan Naturals sell the same premium quality range of certified organic and conventional natural ingredients.

Both entities are operated from within Natural Sourcing's solar powered 50,000 square foot office and warehouse space located in Oxford, CT.

From Nature With Love

From Nature With Love was established in 1997 as an ecommerce website that sells bulk natural ingredients, packaging and equipment in an array of sizes chosen to best suit small to mid size artisans, manufacturers and wellness practitioners. The name From Nature With Love reflects gratitude and reverence for the abundant medicinal gifts provided by Mother Nature.

In addition to the certified organic and conventional natural product range that both From Nature With Love and Praan Naturals offers, From Nature With Love also offers a selection of Formulation Kits and a range of Ingredient Samplers that are not available through Praan Naturals. Additionally, From Nature With Love offers a small selection of Packaging and Equipment best suited for aspiring and small artisans. At the request of numerous soap makers, From Nature With Love also sells Fragrance Oils.

The smallest sizes offered by FNWL are intended to allow formulators the ability to test ingredients within their formulations before proceeding to purchase larger bulk sizes.

Depending upon your order size, you are also eligible to receive up to 5 free samples with your order. The products available to choose as free samples can be selected during your online checkout.

Through FNWL, we also offer a generous FNWL Rewards Program. Customers automatically earn 10% of the subtotal of their purchases (after any discounts are used) to apply towards future purchases.

Our dedicated and friendly customer care team is happy to assist FNWL customers with any questions and document requests.

Praan Naturals

Praan Naturals was established to focus upon the specific needs and bulk quantity requirements of larger manufacturers, artisans and wellness providers.

Meaning vital life force, we selected the Sanskrit word Praan to celebrate our recognition of the interconnectedness of all that is and our passion for natural botanicals and their healing influence within every element of our lives. The Praan Naturals brand name conveys our personality, and it also honors our evolving commitment towards ecologically sound and sustainable business practices.

Praan Natural's website utilizes a secure inquiry system that allows clients the ability to conveniently request product samples and price quotes for their company's specific bulk requirements.

Net 30 terms are available to qualified businesses.

Our dedicated and friendly sales team directly assists Praan Naturals customers with questions and is able to provide product information, pricing, samples and document requests.

How to Determine Which Brand is the Best Fit for Your Organization

Please place your orders through From Nature With Love if the sizes shown within the product detail pages are suitable with your current needs. On From Nature With Love, the size of fluid ingredients typically ranges up to 40 lbs. (18.14 kg). For dry ingredients, sizes typically range up to 50 lbs (22.68 kg). The exact range of sizes offered for each ingredient can vary based on availability and the sizes most typically required by our valued customers.

If you require sizes larger than those available on From Nature With Love, please use Praan Naturals and submit a request for samples and pricing.

We warmly welcome you to contact us if the sizes that you need vary significantly depending on the particular products that your organization sources or if you are unsure whether From Nature With Love or Praan Naturals is the best fit for your company's needs. Our friendly Customer Care Team will be happy to assist you.

Email: information@fromnaturewithlove.com
Phone: (800) 520-2060 or (203) 702-2500
Hours: 9am to 5pm Eastern Time
Monday through Friday

Why Do We Operate Under Two Different Brand Names?

Our company originally began in 1997 as From Nature With Love, LLC with the purpose of offering premium quality ingredients and exceptional customer service and guidance to small artisans and wellness practitioners. Our CEO, Anáil Moon Devī, chose the name From Nature With Love to reflect her gratitude and reverence for the abundant medicinal gifts provided by Mother Nature.

After the company relocated and moved into a much larger warehouse, we began offering our range of premium quality ingredients in even larger bulk sizes.

Larger personal care product manufacturers, however, did not resonate well with our heartfelt name of From Nature With Love. Instead of completely changing the name of the company, the decision was made to re-incorporate under the corporation name Natural Sourcing, keep From Nature With Love as a brand to serve our small to mid sized artisans and create Praan Naturals as a brand to focus upon the specific needs of larger artisans and product manufacturers.

From Nature With Love continues to specialize in serving smaller to mid size artisans and wellness practitioners.

“I am completely thrilled with the service and product that I have received from your company.”

LynnMarie Whitt, Newark, DE


Receive Free Samples With Your Qualifying Order!

Receive Up to Five Generously Sized Free Samples With Your Qualifying Order!

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