Tea Time Recipe

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Relaxing and Refreshing


8 oz fractionated coconut oil
8 oz soybean oil
8 oz olive oil
4 oz aloe butter
4 oz shea butter
4 oz butter (unsalted)
3 tazo tea bags in "calm" or any other chamomile or green tea
1 tsp chamomile eo
1/2 cup chopped cucumber
12 oz water
5.2 oz lye


Take a mid day respite with butter and cucumber sandwiches and a calming cup of chamomile. Or anytime with Tea Time soap...
Brew tea with boiling water, seep in fridge until cold (overnight if desired). Squeeze out as much liquid as you can and save tea bags if desired.
Puree chopped cucumber, add 1/3 tsp liquapar or other preservative, 1 tsp essential oil and contents of used tea bags (if desired) and mix gently.
Melt shea butter to 175 degrees for 20 min, turn burner to low and add rest of the oils and butters.
Put 12 oz of cold, brewed tea in a stainless steel pan. Add the lye taking all necessary and recommended precautions.
When both mixtures cool to about 100 degrees (and are within 5 degrees of each other), add oil to lye water and put pot in ice water bath.
Use stick blender, mixer, or manpower to continually stir mixture until heavy trace. Add cucumber mixture and gently but thoroughly mix.
Put in 2-3 lb mold, cover, wrap and let rest for 2 days. Un-mold, cut and cure for 3 weeks.

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