Easy Bath Fizzies Recipe

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Robin of West Jordan, UT


Patience is the key


1.5 cups baking soda
0.5 cups citric Acid
1 cup dead sea salt powder
Witch hazel
Fine Mist Sprayer
1/4 tsp fragrance or essential oil


Mix dry ingredients together with a spoon. Add FO a few drops at a time and mix. Mist dry ingredients with the witch hazel, 3-4 sprays at a time. Mix and respray. Be patient, overspraying will set off the fizz, and the batch will be ruined. Keep respraying and mixing until the ingredients stick together between your fingers. You may think that it is not ready but it will be when it starts to look crumbly and stick between fingers. Put into molds and push in to fill mold. I like to use the palm of my hand to push into the mold. This keeps the details of the mold nicely. It takes approximately 10 minutes to do the mixing and spraying so be patient; it is worth the effort. Remove from the molds after 5-10 minutes. Mist with Witch Hazel (once) again to form a crust -this helps to hold it all together. If you live in a humid climate put the fizzies into the oven set to the lowest temperature for a few minutes to harden, so the humidity won't set off the fizz. They turn out so professional looking. You can color them with FD & C dyes during the dry powder phase by mixing the dye into the powders first. Looks nice when wrapped in lace or packaged in organza bags.

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