Carrot Veggie Bar Recipe

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Antoniette of Bloomingdale, NJ


Vegetable based soap


2 oz sweet almond oil
4 oz canola oil
8 oz coconut oil
2 oz palm kernel oil
8 oz. Hydrogenated Soybean oil (or crisco)
24 oz total oils
1 Tbsp. Olive oil at trace for superfatting
1 Cup fresh Carrots
3.5 oz lye


Since I was just looking around in the fridge one day when this idea came to me, and I was limited to what I had on hand, it is only a small batch. It has good lather though, beautiful color which has held up (3 weeks so far) and produces a very nice hard bar like the tallow soaps are. Chop and boil 1 cup of fresh carrots, then mix with water to total 9oz. liquid. Add 3.5 oz lye. Let cool to 100 degrees. Mix oils and let cool to 100 degrees (I added 2 Tbsp. GSE). Follow basic safety instructions. Add lye/carrot mixture to oils. At light trace I added 2 Tbsp. Apricot FO. At heavy trace pour in mold and let sit 18-24 hours. Do not let sit longer than 24 hours, since this does make a very hard bar and may be difficult to cut later. I cut mine in 18 hours. Although my carrots were not pureed totally, there was no trace of chunks or pieces after curing. Maybe my stick blender finished the job.

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