Gift Shop Three Oil Soap Recipe

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Deidre of Westfield, IN


Olive, Coconut and Palm Oil Soap


3 Lb. Batch:
21.8 oz Olive Oil
5.3 oz Palm Oil
5.3 oz Coconut Oil
4.3 oz Lye
11.9 oz Water
3 or 4 teaspoons fragrance oil
1 teaspoon herbal additives for interest: I like ground chamomile!!
4 Lb. Batch:
32 oz Olive Oil
8 oz Palm Oil
8 oz Coconut Oil
6.5 oz Lye
18 oz Water
4 or 5 teaspoons fragrance oil
1 heaping teaspoon herbal additives for interest. I like ground chamomile!


After measuring all ingredients by WEIGHT, not volume, pour powered lye (with gloves and goggles on for safety!!) into water (NEVER the reverse!!) Stir, set aside. Measure out fats by WEIGHT; melt, let temperature fall to about 110-130 degrees. Cool lye mixture in cold water in sink until its temperature falls to 110-130 degrees. When both mixtures are the SAME temperature (between 110-130 degrees), pour lye mixture into fat mixture. Stir continually for 45 to 55 minutes until you are sure mixture is at trace (you can see lines and swirls in the soap as you stir). Add fragrance oils and herbs just before pouring into mold. (I like wood loaf-shaped molds!) Pour soap into container lined with freezer paper (for easy release). Cover top with Saran wrap (to prevent powdery buildup). Wrap mold in blankets so temperature will fall slowly as soap cures. (You don't want soap to catch cold!!) In a couple of days, release soap from mold and cut into bars. Place bars separately on wax paper, and cover loosely with another sheet of wax paper so air can circulate. Turn the bars 1/4 turn every couple of days so they will cure evenly. After about two weeks, wrap each bar in shrink wrap (with your label, of course!) and let soap continue to cure for two more weeks. Tell your friends and customers to enjoy their new soap that lathers and pampers their skin like no other!! Enjoy!!

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