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Ultra Hand & Body Cream Recipe

Submitted By:

Gail of Loxahatchee, FL


Full of moisture and soothing oils; ultra-pampers your hands and body!


Olive oil, 160 grams
Grapeseed oil, 25 grams
Wheat Germ oil, 12 grams
Jojoba oil, 20 grams
Coconut oil, 5 grams
Beeswax, 40 grams
Distilled Water, 230 grams
Borax, 6 grams
Vegetable Glycerin, 7 grams


Heat water, borax and glycerine in a saucepan until the borax is completely dissolved. In a separate saucepan, combine oils and beeswax to melt the coconut oil and the beeswax. Bring each mixture to about 160 dregrees F and remove from stove. Pour oil into a heatproof mixing bowl. While slowly pouring water mixture into the oils, beat thoroughly (you can use a blender stick [preferred] or an electric mixer). The mixture will start to thicken in a few minutes; continue beating until firm and creamy. Store in plastic dome jars. Makes about 16 oz.

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