Vinny's Wild Oats Soap Recipe


Oatmeal Soap, 2 pound batch


1 oz. cocoa butter
11 oz. coconut oil
16 oz. olive oil
4 oz. beeswax
4.32 oz. lye
12 oz. water
4 oz. course colloidal oatmeal


[Please use gloves, goggles, apron, long sleeves shirt during ENTIRE cold processing cycle, ESPECIALLY when mixing water/lye solution, to insure personal safey] Measure 12 oz. water into glass/plastic pitcher. Measure 4.32 oz of lye. Slowly mix lye INTO water a little at a time until complete incorporated. Set safely aside to cool to 115 degrees. Meanwhile heat all solid oils (cocoa, coconut, beeswax) until fully melted. Remove from heat and mix in olive oil. Transfer to glass/plastic bowl. Oil mixture should be cooled to 100 degrees. (Lye/water solution at 115 degrees, oils at 100 degrees) Once oils have reached desire degree slowly pour in lye/water solution a little at a time until fully incorporated. Trace time will be reached within 15-20 minutes. At trace quickly mix in ground (course) oat meal. Sprinkly a litte whole oats at the bottom of individual greased molds. Pour in soap mixture. Seal with saran wrap. Set in warm place for 24-72 hours. Remove from molds. Cure 4 to 6 weeks. Note: Do not use fast cooking oats. Soap will have a strong unpleaseant smell, but it will become pleasant during the curing process. At the end it will have a light honey/cocoa scent. Enjoy.

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