Verified Maximum Extraction Temperature

Many vegetable oil manufacturers mistakenly claim that their vegetable oils are "cold pressed" even when the method of extraction reaches very hot temperatures. Some manufacturers don't perform temperature readings during the manufacturing process.

As a part of our rigorous product qualification process, we carefully scrutinize and verify how each of our vegetable oils is extracted and processed.

For our cold pressed vegetable oils, we require that our oil vendors provide documentation that specifically verifies that the maximum temperature reached during pressing is 120degrees F or less. If the temperature reached during pressing is higher than that or a vendor is not able to verify the maximum temperature reached, we list the oil as "expeller pressed" instead of "cold pressed."

Over our extensive 20 year history in professionally sourcing vegetable oils from around the globe, we have learned that most vegetable oil manufacturers fail to control or record the maximum temperature of the expeller heads during production.

Additionally, many vegetable oil manufacturers will list oils as "cold pressed" simply because the oils are pressed and are not solvent extracted. Most have no idea how hot their pressing temperatures reach and report temps as "> 200F" as estimates. Some even mistakenly claim that their steam deodorized oils are cold pressed.

When sourcing vegetable oils, we encourage you to be thorough and ask your suppliers for details on how they ensure that a vegetable oil is produced in the way they claim, and to ask for the specific maximum temperature that a cold pressed oil reached during production. Upon request, we will be happy to provide further details of our verification methods.

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