Milk Powder Storage Tips and Guidelines

Store milk powders in airtight containers. Strive to remove all air from the container before sealing it. Paper bags are good choice to use as they make it easier to remove all air from the bag before sealing it. When using paper bags, however, it's even more important that you store them in a dry location.

Although some of our milk powders have a shelf life that spans longer than six months, we recommend using all milk powders within six months for maximum product freshness.

You can generally tell when milk powder goes bad as it begins to smell "off" that is characteristically different from the aroma of the same powder when it is fresh. Educate your nose by smelling each of your powders when you first get them and throughout the duration of your use of them. Some milk powders have a naturally distinctive aroma to begin with, so it's important to know what each smells like in its natural, fresh state.

Shelf Life of Milk Powders

Below is a list that displays the typical shelf lives for milk powders when stored properly. When receiving new shipments of milk powders, we recommend recording the date of receipt and the shelf life on the label to help you keep track.

6 Months - 1 Year:
Goat's Milk Powder

1 Year:
Buttermilk Powder
Whole Milk Powder
Yogurt Powder

1-2 Years:
Coconut Powder
Organic Whole Milk Powder

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