Candle Base Decorating Ideas

Pillars, balls and other pre-made candles can be rolled in melted paraffin or beeswax and then rolled in a decorative coating such as Lavender buds, Oatmeal, Coffee beans, Lemongrass, Blue poppy seeds, Candle sand, Calendula petals, Hibiscus petals etc.

Decorate bases with sculpted shapes: Mix 2 lbs of beeswax with 3 oz of petroleum jelly and color. This wax will be pliable for sculpting purposes.

Paint the base with painting wax made of 4 parts beeswax, 1 part turpentine and candle dye. Allow the paint to sit for a few days to evaporate the turpentine. Overdip your painted candle with clear wax.

Pour colored wax into sheets and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes to decorate plain bases with.

Cover the base with whipped wax and insert decorations if desired. Whipped wax can be made by mixing 1 lb. of melted beeswax with 1 tsp turpentine and some dye and whipping until semi cool. Spread onto base with a spatula.

You can dip leaves and petals or cutout paper in clear wax and adhere to the surface of the base. Overdip the completed candle to protect the stick-ons.

You can create beautiful candles by overpouring a base. Place the base in a container slightly larger than the base. Fill the space around the candle with flowers, shells, nuts etc. and then pour a mixture of high melting point wax with 10% microcrystalline. Do not use stearic acid as it will opacify the wax. Top off with more wax if it shrinks down as it cools.

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