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If you encounter problems when using our Web site, please e-mail our Webmasters at with as many details as you can regarding the problem that you encountered. If you receive any type of error, please copy and paste the error into your e-mail message, and indicate the exact page that you experienced the error on. Other information that can often be extremely helpful to have includes what browser and version number you are using (i.e. Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox 38.0.5, Chrome 43.0.2357.124 m, etc.) and what computer system you are using (Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.10.3, etc).

If you have other questions regarding products, specials or pricing, please choose the appropriate e-mail address from the below list:

General Information
This is the email address for asking general questions that don't fall into any of the other email address.

Order Inquiries
If you prefer to place your order through email, this is the email address that all orders go to. Orders placed through email may take longer to process.

Order Status
Have a question about an order you've placed? Please use this email address.

Bulk Ingredient Price Quotes
Please email this address only if you require a bulk price quote for any of our products. (Bulk refers to sizes larger than those listed on the Web site).

Product Help
Questions about how to use a product? This is the email address for asking questions about our products or using them!

FNWL eBay Auction Questions
Questions regarding any of our online auctions should go to this address.

Web Site Errors or Problems
Is the Web site giving you an error? Having trouble using some part of our Web site? If so, please direct your questions to this address.

Marketing/Advertising Inquiries
Please direct marketing inquiries to this address.

Purchasing Department
Please email this address if you would like to contact our purchasing department regarding a product that you manufacture or distribute. Brochures and samples may be sent to:

Natural Sourcing, LLC
341 Christian Street
Oxford, CT 06478

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