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Organic Linden Blossom CO2 Total Extract

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Our Organic Linden Blossom CO2 Total Extract possesses an exquisitely rich, sweet, complex, honey and floral aroma that deserves to be included in the most precious of fragrance formulations. However, it is beautiful and complex enough to stand on its own as a single-note fragrance.

Origin: Bulgaria
INCI: Tillia Cordata (Linden Blossom) Extract
Extraction Method: CO2 Supercritical Extraction
Typical Shelf Life*: 3 Years

*Typical Shelf Life begins on the date of manufacture and is defined as the typical shelf life of an ingredient when it is stored and handled properly. The Typical Shelf Life is offered as a general guideline. It should not be considered to be an expiration date. Many ingredients are usable beyond the stated date, especially when stored and handled very carefully.

Documents: Safety Data Sheet   Specifications  

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