Organic Niaouli Essential Oil
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Organic Niaouli Essential Oil

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Our Organic Niaouli Essential Oil is steam distilled from the twigs and leaves of Melaleuca quinquenervia, a midsized tree that is native to Australia and that thrives in other regions including Madagascar. The tree is also known as a broad-leaved paperbark tree. As with all of our organic ingredients, it is certified organic by CCOF.

Our Organic Niaouli Essential Oil is comprised of almost 60% 1,8 Cineole, an oxide that is also abundant in Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil and that gives Eucalyptus its distinctive fresh-medicinal aroma. It is also comprised of approximately 20% monoterpenes that includes pinene and limonene.

Aromatically, Organic Niaouli Essential Oil possesses a medicinal, camphor-like, musty aroma. It is used primarily for its wellness applications and is not usually used for fragrancing applications. The aroma can be easily softened by blending it with essential oils within the wood, mint, conifer, and herbaceous families. It also blends well with lavender.

Its natural chemical composition makes it well suited for use in room diffusion and chest balm types of applications intended to maintain overall wellness and respiratory health. It is a stimulating oil that is well suited for use within holistic well-being, massage, cleaning, soap making, and fragrancing applications.

Essential Oil Safety Edition 2 by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young recommend avoiding use of Niaouli Essential Oil on or near the face of babies and children.

Origin: Madagascar
INCI: Melaleuca Quinquenervia (Niaouli) Oil
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Typical Shelf Life*: 3 Years

*Typical Shelf Life begins on the date of manufacture and is defined as the typical shelf life of an ingredient when it is stored and handled properly. The Typical Shelf Life is offered as a general guideline. It should not be considered to be an expiration date. Many ingredients are usable beyond the stated date, especially when stored and handled very carefully.

Documents: Safety Data Sheet   Specifications  GC/MS Analysis

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