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Lemon Essential Oil, Citrus limonium, is cold pressed from the peels of the fruit. It possesses a fresh, uplifting, lemony aroma. It is a pleasant and functional addition to cleaning formulations and air fresheners. Lemon Essential Oil helps to clean and cut grease while imparting a pleasant citrus aroma.

Within hair and skin care applications, the astringency of Lemon Essential Oil makes it useful for combating oily skin and hair. Within holistic aromatherapy, the bright, citrus scent is stimulating, but it also is said to aid in focus and concentration. Lemon Essential Oil is often used by spas and incorporated into body massage oils, body wraps and salt soaks.

Our Lemon Essential Oil is naturally abundant in limonene, a monoterpene that is highly praised for its many beneficial properties and that contributes to the fresh, bright uplifting aroma of the oil.

Aromatically, Lemon Essential Oil is very versatile and blends well with other citrus essential oils and oils in the mint, floral, wood, herbaceous and spice families.

Cold pressed Lemon Essential Oil is phototoxic. For leave-on topical formulations, IFRA and Essential Oil Safety Edition 2 by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young recommend a dermal maximum of 2%. If exceeding this guideline in topical applications, it is recommended that sun and UV exposure are avoided for at least 12 hours.

Origin: Argentina
INCI: Citrus Limonum (Lemon) Oil
Extraction Method: Cold Expeller Pressed
Typical Shelf Life*: 1 Year

*Typical Shelf Life begins on the date of manufacture and is defined as the typical shelf life of an ingredient when it is stored and handled properly. The Typical Shelf Life is offered as a general guideline. It should not be considered to be an expiration date. Many ingredients are usable beyond the stated date, especially when stored and handled very carefully.

Documents: Safety Data Sheet   Specifications  GC/MS Analysis

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