Lemon Olive Complexion Bar Recipe

Submitted By:

Stephanie of Princeton, NJ


Nourishing & moisturizing, great for difficult skin conditions.


2.6 oz Sweet almond oil
2.6 oz Castor oil
2.6 oz Coconut oil
2.6 oz Grapeseed oil
21.4 oz Olive oil

4.3 oz NaOH/Lye
11.4 fl oz Water

1.4 oz Lemongrass EO
(can add another 0.5 oz. Tea Tree Oil for treating acne)


Pour lye into water, stir until clear. Set aside to cool (c. 100-F)
Heat/melt all oils, cool (c. 100-F).
Pour lye/water mixture in slow steady stream into the oils. Stir to trace. Use stick blender intermittently with spoon (no more than 1 minute at a time for blender).
Add scent just before pouring into mold.
A good mold for this batch is an empty "Parmalat" milk container. Don't cut off the top, just slice it open so that you can refold it closed to help keep batch warm for first 48 hours. Soap should slip out easily, allowing for possibly one more use of the mold (otherwise just peel it off). Will yield nice, palm-sized rectagular shapes once cut.
To help container keep its firm shape, reinforce sides and bottom of box with packing tape.
Container should hold most or all of the 2lbs of soap, but have an extra individual mold or two around to catch any extra soap.

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