Basic Bath Salts Recipe

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Tina of Sixes, OR


Bath salts can be made from one salt or a blend of salts. They can be colored or left uncolored, scented with essential oils or fragrance oils or left unscented. To color bath salts, you can use any of the micas, glitters, oxides & marines or FDC dyes. Micas can be mixed into the dry salts and they will coats the salt very nicely without any oil or glycerin however, to use the oxides or marines, you will need to first mix the pigments into some oil/glycercin and then mix the colored oil/glycerin into the salts. While the FDC dyes can be used, they must first be mixed with water and the water will tend to clump your salts. Glitter can be added to oiled salts for a sparkling effect. The addition of dendritic salt at a rate of 5% may help discourage clumping and scent fading. Crushed herbs are a nice addition to bath salts if you provide a muslin bag. There is no reason to try to follow a recipe when it comes to making bath salts because no particular proportions are needed. Simply measure out how much of each salt you want to use and start adding color a little at a time until you get the desired color. Fragrance oils can be added a few drops at a time until you get the hang of how much it takes. Essential oils must of course be measured to keep them within safe limits. To figure out how much essential oil to use, first determine how much salt will be used per bath and then figure on 6-10 drops essential oil per bath.

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