Millefiori Candles Recipe


Millefiori means thousands of flowers. 


It is done by creating logs of wax that have a design that runs through the length of the log so that when it's sliced, the slices all look the same. As you slice the log with a hot knife, the slices are applied to a candle base. The logs can be created by rolling different colored wax sheets around each other or by creating a multicolored taper.

To create the log using wax sheets, start with warm poured or store bought flat soft wax sheets. Take a thin slice of one color and position it on the edge of another colored sheet. Roll the sheet around the slice once. Cut off the excess. Then place the roll on top of another colored sheet and roll it around the log once. Cut off the excess and continue building up layers by rolling the log in different colored sheets. When it reaches a thickness of a taper candle, give it a good roll on a hard surface to make it nice and round.

To create the logs by dipping, place several tins of colored waxes in a double boiler and melt them. Take a 6 inch piece of a small wick and dip it into one of the colors a couple of times until you get a good wax buildup. Then dip it into another color a few times until you get a build up. Keep dipping in various colors until your log is about the size of a regular tapered candle. Put the wick out of the candle halfway. When the log is warm, it should pull out easily. If the log gets too hard to slice, just re-dip it in the last color you used for a bit and the hot wax should soften the log up again. Keep pulling the wick out as you slice the log. The wick will allow you to re-dip in hot wax if necessary.

Warm a knife in a pot of boiling water and take a thin slice off the log and immediately apply it to the candle base (start at the top and work down). Apply a little pressure to 'glue' it to the base. Keep applying slices as close together as possible until the whole candle is covered or until you have finished your design.

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