Water Candles Recipe


These candles are very pretty and well worth the extra time and effort necessary to create them.


Have ready a large, clean trash can full of cold water. Melt about 12 oz of micro crystalline wax (to make the wax more pliable) in a double boiler or crock pot. Add about 6.5 lbs of paraffin wax (medium melting point - 140F), heat up the blend to about 170F and maintain it at that temperature. Fill an empty pie plate with wax and place a 5 inch tall pillar candle base in the center. Allow it to harden by holding the pie plate in the water. Once it's firm, remove the pie plate from the candle. Your pillar should now have a sturdy rim around it. Holding the pillar so that the rim is at a 45 degree angle to the water, pour some wax into the rim and slowly but firmly plunge the rim into the water, twisting it as you go. Keep repeating this process as you go around the entire rim of the candle. The wax will form wispy wave-like shapes around the pillar. When you burn the candle, only the pillar will burn so you can replace it when necessary. To clean up, scoop up the wax bits from the water and allow them to air dry. You can reuse these pieces if you are sure no water remains trapped inside. Crushing them with a rolling pin and then allowing them to dry should get rid of any water. If you are not sure, just chuck them - better to be safe than sorry.

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