Body Glow Recipe

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Annette of Eugene, OR


Apricot Kernel Face and Body Scrub


2 oz citrus blend or orange blossom floral water
1.5 oz ground apricot kernel
1 oz melt and pour glycerine soap
1 oz aloe vera gel
1 oz rice bran oil (or other light weight oil suitable for use on the face)
Orange and Sandalwood Essential oils


1) In a double boiler melt the soap. 2) Once thoroughly melted, add the aloe vera gel and safflower oil. 3) Remove from heat and stir in the floral water, a dropper of sandalwood oil and two droppers of orange essential oil. 4) Mix thoroughly and then stir in the ground apricot kernel. 5) Stiring frequently, allow the mixture to cool. Add more essential oil and floral water until the desired scent and consistency is achieved. Typically the scrub is slightly more thin than creamy peanut butter. 6) Scrape the scrub into glass containers and seal for a day or two. The ingredients will blend more thoroughly and fragrance will stablilize into a nutty, woody and vanilla scent. 7) Instructions for use: place a small dab in the palm of your hand, add water and rub into a lathery paste. Massage the lather onto face or other areas and rinse with warm water. The gentle glycerine soap cleanses, the aloe heals, safflower oil moisturizes and apricot kernel exfoliates, leaving the skin restored after each use.

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