Part 07: Recipe: Sheer Lip Color

The recipes contained in this guide were formulated using small size volumetric measurements as most individuals have measuring spoons on hand. The disadvantage is that measuring solid ingredients by volume can be slightly unreliable between batches. If you have a small unit scale that is capable of measuring dry ingredients in grams, we recommend that you convert these recipes accordingly.

This recipe makes a lovely lip color that provides gentle color and shine to the lips. Using lighter colors creates an especially gentle, shimmery lip color. For richer colors, experiment with adding more mica powder. Increasing the mica does make the texture of the lip color slightly gritty (you may have experienced a gritty texture with some lipsticks). Light colored micas such as our Oriental Beige Lustre, Gemtone Sunstone, Gemtone Tan, and Gold Karat Sparkle require more mica powder for detectable color to appear on the lips.


To make two .15 ounce tubes of Sheer Lip Color, the specific measurements used are as follows:


  • Small changes in this recipe can impact the rigidity, gloss and color of the final product.

  • Measurements are taken in level not heaping teaspoons.

Packaging Suggestions:


  • Heat water to boiling in the bottom pot of a double boiler.

  • Place the Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Jojoba and Avocado Butter into the the top insert of the double boiler, and allow to melt. Stir frequently. To make an especially nourishing lip color, reduce the Jojoba by a few drops and in their place, add a few drops of Vitamin E oil.

  • Once your oil/wax/butter mixture has fully melted, add your Pearlescent Mica Powder. Mix until well blended. Use a miniature whisk to evenly and quickly distribute the mica into the hot mixture.

  • Add the optional essential oil or flavor oil. Flavor oils are fragrance oils that are approved for use in lip care products. They lend a mouth-watering aroma to lip balms, glosses and other lip care products. Contrary to the name, flavor oils do not possess any real flavor or taste. If you omit the Peppermint Essential Oil or Flavor Oil from this recipe, add 4-8 drops more Jojoba.

  • Slowly pour the mixture into your tubes or pots. If you are working with tubes, we recommend filling the tubes as full as possible. For many lip gloss recipes, we recommend topping off any sinkholes that form. For this recipe, however, we recommend not doing so as the topped off portion may become white and unsuitably hard.

Experimentation Suggestions:

  • Try modifying the wax, oil and/or mica proportions to explore how the texture and color changes.

  • Jojoba and Avocado Butter were selected for their stable shelf life and ability to contribute a glossy sheen to the final product. Other oils and butters can be substituted, but be sure to keep the properties of each lipid in mind.

  • Try experimenting by adding or by adding/substituting oxides and ultramarines. Be sure to select only micas, oxides and other colorants that are approved for lips.

Pearlescent Mica Powders in Lip Products:

Not all Pearlescent Mica Powders are safe for use in lip care products. To view a list of micas suitable for lip and eye products, visit's Mica Safety Chart.

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