The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer

The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer

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Author: Scheffer, Mechthild
Publisher: Inner Traditions Int'l Ltd.
Copyright: 2001
Number of Pages: 400
ISBN: 0892819413
Price: $34.95

Mechtihild Scheffer's groundbreaking bestseller Bach Flower Therapy : Theory and Practive" revolutionized the science of Bach Flower remedies. Now, for practicioner, student and patient alike, she offers "The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy", the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference available on thie gentle, effective therapy. Here she draws on and integrates her extensive experience and research to present the most complete profiles available for all the Bach Flowers and - for the first time in English - 450 newly developed combination recommendations, or Building Blocks, to aid in creating individualized Bach Flower mixtures.

Mechtihild Scheffer's groundbreaking bestseller Bach Flower Therapy : Theory and Practive" revolutionized the In addition, "The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy" contains:

  • suggestions and advice on how to hold a bach flower diagnostic interview
  • 127 comparisons to refer to when choosing between two possible bach flower recommendations for treatment of a specific condition
  • a double questionnaire and final choice checklist to assist in diagnosis and treatment
  • extensive dosage and treatment guidelines
  • comprehensive information on the specific treatment needs of children, adolescents, women, the elderly and terminally ill and animals
  • a topic index and answers to frequently asked questions
  • With its thorough information on both theory and practice along with color plates of each Bach Flower and Kirlian photographs of each Bach Flower's energy signature, this is the complete reference for everyone who studies and uses this therapy.

    Table of Contents:

    • Author's Note
    • Introduction
    • "You Have a Mission"
    • Re-Harmony : The Message and Contributions of Bach Flower Therapy
    • How to Make the Best Use of This Book
    • Chapter 1 : Soul Therapy through Flower Energy
      • The Vision of Dr. Edward Bach
      • Listening to Your Intuition
      • Genius and Compassion
      • Simplicity : Eight Points That Highlight the Uniqueness of Bach Flower Therapy
    • Chapter 2 : Heal Thyself : The Theoretical Foundations of Bach flower Therapy
      • Creation and Destiny
      • Virtues and Vices
      • Health and Disease
      • Causes of Disease
      • The Healing Strategy of Edward Bach
    • Chapter 3 : How Bach Flowers Work
      • Philosophical/Spiritual Interpretation
      • Bach Flowers in the Human Energy Field
      • A Hypothesis from the Naturopathic Point of View
      • Bach Flowers and the Immune System
      • A Female Patient's Testimony on the Effect of Bach Flowers
    • Chapter 4 : Edward Bach's Soul Flowers
      • Flowering Plants and Human Unfolding
      • Bach's Criteria for Choosing His Plans
      • New and Simple Ways for Potentizing: Sun Method and Boiling Method
      • The Happy Fellows of the Plant World : Characteristics and Locations
      • Bach's Seven Groups
    • Chapter 5 : The Bach Flower System
      • How to Use These Flower Descriptions
      • Typical Characteristics of Negative Bach Flower Behavior Patterns
      • The Bach Flower Descriptions
    • Chapter 6 : Finding The Right Bach Flowers
    • Chapter 7 : How to Help Others through Bach Flowers
      • Inner Preparation
      • Structuring a Bach Flower Interview
      • Following the First Interview
    • Chapter 8 : Original Bach Flower Therapy in Practice
      • Preparation, Dosage and Administration
      • Courses of Development and Typical Reactions
      • Applying Bach Flower Therapy
    • Chapter 9 : Differences and Similarities among the Bach Flowers
      • How to Use the Reference Table When Choosing Between Two Flowers
    • Chapter 10 : The Double Questionnaire and Final Choice Checklist: Tools to Assist Beginners
      • How to Use These tools
      • Present Situation Questionnaire
      • Character Questionnaire
      • Final Choice Checklist
      • Evaluation Sheet
    • Chapter 11 : Building Blocks to Support the Choice of Individual Flower Combinations
      • Recommendations for Working with the Building Blocks
      • Main Problem Areas: What Matches My Situation?
      • Combination Building Blocks
    • Appendix A : Important Key Words and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
    • Appendix B : Resources
    • Bibliography and Recommended Reading
    • About the Author

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    Reviewed By: Jen

    Posted: Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    Location: Export, PA

    Comments: Great book - the "bible" of flower essences. If you want to explore or experiment, then be SURE to get this book!!

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