Zdravetz Essential Oil, Bulgaria
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Zdravetz, Geranium macrorhizum, referred to as true geranium, has a strong floral aroma. It is used primarily in the perfume industry. Not much is known about this oil for therapeutic use. It, however, has been used extensively in Bulgaria where it is known for its aphrodisiac properties and for its balancing effects on female hormones. Zdravetz is said to lower blood sugar. It is useful as a fixative and blends beautifully with rose, geranium, clary sage, ylang ylang, and citrus oils.

Do not use during pregnancy or on babies.

Origin: Bulgaria
INCI: Geranium macrorhizum (Zdravetz) Oil
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Shelf Life: 2 Years +

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We recommend pairing this ingredient with the following colors:

Soft Pink
Light Green
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Reviewed By: Jane

Posted: Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Location: New Orleans, LA

Comments: I cannot truly rate this as I haven't used it yet. I appreciate the fact that you provide this oil at a reasonable price. It is hard to find. Thank you.

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