Fragrance Oils and Diethyl Phthalates (DEP)


Our name, From Nature With Love, is a testament to our passion, love and commitment for all things natural. We encourage our customers to utilize all-natural ingredients whenever possible, but we realize that it isn't always feasible or economical. For this reason, From Nature With Love supplies a selection of complementary ingredients including our lines of Cosmetic Grade Fragrance Oils and Candle Fragrance Oils.

Product quality, and the health and safety of our customers are the key priorities to our entire staff. From Nature With Love offers both natural and synthetic volatile aromatics. For natural volatile oils, look to our line of Essential Oils, Absolutes and CO2s carefully sourced, whenever possible, directly from small farms and distilleries throughout the world. Alternatively, From Nature With Love also offers two lines of Fragrance Oils. Instead of offering one single line of fragrance oils that compromises on gentleness in skin care, we offer our customers their choice of oils from our two fragrance oil lines. Our line of Cosmetic Grade Fragrance Oils utilize a base that is as gentle as possible for use in skin care products. Our separate line of Candle Fragrance Oils utilize a base that is ideally suited for burning in candles and in other room fragrancing applications such as potpourri.

We work closely with our fragrance oil supplier to ensure that the ingredients included in each of our fragrance oils is as gentle and safe as possible. Fragrance oils, however, do contain synthetics and do offer a host of advantages and disadvantages when compared to natural essential oils and other natural aromatics.

Diethyl Phthalates (DEP)

Diethyl Phthalates (DEP) is a controversial ingredient that is gaining increasing consumer awareness.

Bearing in mind that most of our fragrance oils do not include DEP, studies indicate that for those fragrances that do include DEP, the quantity of DEP in the fragrance oils is so negligible that any health risk from the DEP is minimal. Other studies, however, do allude to an array of health risks imposed by DEP, and we recognize that the inconclusive and conflicting information appearing in the media may cause alarm for some of our customers.

We wish to leave the decision to use or avoid fragrances that include DEP up to our valued customers. We want our customers to have the ability to shop our Fragrance Oil lines with confidence. The product descriptions for all fragrance products that we are aware contain DEP states this. We are in the midst of working closely with our fragrance supplier to identify if any other oils contain DEP and to arrange, if possible, to have DEP-containing fragrances reformulated.

Customer Testimonial

"I just wanted to write to say thank you. I have been purchasing products from your Web site for quite a while, namely rice bran, seaweed powders, camellia oil, dead sea salts and most recently, shea butter. I have very sensitive skin, and there aren't many products on the market that I don't develop a nasty rash from. I'm a research chemist, and many ingredients in mass market products are petrochemically derived. Although the by products may be trace, it is still enough to agitate my skin. It is also important for me to select products that do not have a vile effect on the environment. I ran an online search for rice bran to use as a gentle face wash and stumbled across FNWL. I was absolutely delighted with the delicate cleansing and calming effect it had on my face. Most recently, the shea butter I purchased has completely healed the eczema on my knees. I wanted to say thank you. Your product quality and prices are absolutely superb. "
- Jamie Welton | Newport Beach, CA

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