Homegrown Herbs: A Complete Guide to Growing, Using, and Enjoying More than 100 Herbs by Tammi Hartung and Rosemary Gladstar

Homegrown Herbs: A Complete Guide to Growing, Using, and Enjoying More than 100 Herbs by Tammi Hartung and Rosemary Gladstar

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Author: Tammi Hartung and Rosemary Gladstar
Publisher: Storey Publishing
Copyright: 2011
Number of Pages: 256
ISBN: 1603427058
Price: $19.95

Infuse your yard with the flavor, fragrance, beauty, and healing power of organic herbs. Whether you want to work herbs into existing flower or food gardens, grow them in containers, or plant a dedicated herb garden, Homegrown Herbs is your in-depth guide to everything you need to know about planting, caring for, harvesting, drying, and using more than 100 herbs.

Tammi Hartung offers dozens of ideas for using your homegrown herbs:

  • Prepare relaxing herbal baths and soaks
  • Mix custom seasoning blends for your favorite recipes
  • Make healing tinctures, liniments, and elixirs
  • Perk up recipes - salads, soups, pastas, vegetables, eggs - with fresh or dried herbs
  • Personalize homemade body creams with your herbal scents and healing properties
  • Give home herbal vinegars and butters as holiday gifts
  • Put the soothing powers of herbs to good use in sleep pillows and heating pads
  • Craft wreaths and potpourris with long-lasting fragrance and beauty

Table of Contents:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Forword by Rosemary Gladstar
  • Preface
  • Chapter One: An Introduction to Growing and Using Herbal Plants
  • Chapter Two: Selecting Plants and Designing Your Garden
  • Chapter Three: Secrets to Great Soil
  • Chapter Four: Propagation Methods
  • Chapter Five: Garden Maintenance
  • Chapter Six: Pest and Disease Control
  • Chapter Seven: Harvesting from the Garden
  • Chapter Eight: Making Herbal Preparations for Medicine and Personal Care
  • Chapter Nine: Cooking with Herbs
  • Chapter Ten: Herb Personalities
  • Resources
  • Recommended Reading
  • Index

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