Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed)
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Virgin Coconut Oil, as it has come to be known, differs from regular refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oil because it is extracted from freshly cut coconuts, not the dried copra. It has not been subjected to high temperatures, solvents or refinement procedures. The exact method of extraction may differ among the various virgin coconut oils available on the market, however, only an oil that starts with freshly harvested, healthy coconuts, and ends with the least amount of moisture possible, will result in a high quality Virgin Coconut Oil. Unfortunately, there is no set standard yet for producing Virgin Coconut Oil and therefore, locating a supplier for a superior quality Virgin Coconut Oil can prove difficult. Beware of oils that look cloudy when completely liquid or oils that smell of burnt rubber or rancid coconuts.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is obtained by the cold pressing of quickly dehydrated fresh coconut meat. This milk is then centrifuged to separate the milk into coconut solids, water and oil. This separation is so thorough that the oil has no moisture left in it to promote rancidity, and the oil does not need to undergo any further heating to remove moisture. This method yields the finest, creamiest, most flavorful coconut oil possible. This unique cold process extraction takes place within hours of opening the coconuts, and it conserves all of the nutritive, functional components of coconuts such as squalene, tocopherols and sterol.

Virgin Coconut Oil is light and penetrating with excellent shelf life and stability. It smells of fresh coconut milk. Virgin Coconut Oil is solid at room temperature and performs similarly to Kukui, Jojoba, Illipe and Shea butter. It is creamier at warmer room temperatures and is firmer at cooler temperatures. In countries where it is produced, it is a food source and has been found to be the best source of monolaurin, a well known antiseptic substance found in breast milk.


  • Moisturizes and protects skin/hair
  • Anti-fungal
  • Lends oxidative stability to formulations in which it is used
  • High in unsaponifiables, making it a wonderful oil in soaps
  • High Vitamin E content
  • When used as a carrier for essential oils, it encapsulates the oil and prevents evaporation of the volatile components.
  • Typically solid at room temperature (read description and view photo).


  • Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent superfatting agent in soaps.
  • Use it as a carrier for essential oils or oils such as neem to help deliver the oils under the skin.
  • It is a wonderful base oil for lotion, cream, body butter and lip balm formulations.
  • It can be included in hair oil formulations to condition and increase manageability and sheen.
  • It is a suitable non-greasy, non-staining massage oil.

Please Note: This product is solid at room temperature.

Origin: India
INCI: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
Extraction Method: Please see description
Shelf Life: 2 Years Minimum

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